The Religions of Nereid

Every Country on Nereid has their own patron god they worship, it amazing the variationt hat can be found within one religion. This Page will detail more on each individual's country's patron and how their culture relates to The Old Religion practiced on nereid.


Queen Amphitrite


500 years ago, Arethusa was a very different country. Once ruled by wicked men the patron god was Poseidon until legend has it that Amphitrite intervened. Charging the first Queen of Arethusa with the duty of overthrowing her husband the King to save her people.




Lycos was not always the cut-throat country of today. Once it was a country of outcasts that formed an empire of protection to those who society had turned on. Scylla in some myths was a victim much like Medusa turned into a monstrous being by one of the Gods. Lycos believed that her difference only made her stronger and so she became the patron of this rise from the ashes imperial city.


Ladon & Juturna


Oceanus is fairly young country. It only recieved its indepence from Lycos a hundred years ago. When Oceanus was first formed Ladon, the hundred headed serpent was the patron god as a sign of strength against Lycos. They considered themselves the golden apple city that Lycos continued to sturggle to claim but as peace has continued to reign many senators have tried to transition the patron to a goddess, Juturna the goddess of fountains, wells, and spring.


Poseidon & The Ocean Pantheon

The Eastlands (Erebos)

The elves, of course, worship the King of the Ocean, Poseidon. While some smaller clans through the Eastlands might worship lesser deities, the capital remains faithful to who they believe to be their creator. The Elves are referred to as The God's or Poseidon's first people. His first humanoid creation. The elves worship all sea deities, but their patron is Poseidon.


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