Backstories, Information, and other fun information about your favorite characters from The Veiled Duchess Series.


Captain Shea Lara

             “All my plans…What does it matter to you? You have no allegiance!”

             “You’re wrong. I have two, one to my crew. And one to your daughter,” Shea growls.


Joana of Arethusa

Jo shakes her head, grinning, trying desperately to remember something else she wanted to do but there was nothing.
“No. I knew who I was, who I am,” she amends. “I loved my people and my country. Sometimes the rules were a bit strict, but it’s who I am.”


Caen of The Veiled Duchess

“You’d risk your crew for her?” Caen shouts.

Shea gets right up in his face and bellows back. “Yes! Don’t you get it? I’d give anything for her!”
There’s silence after that. Their faces are inches apart, both breathing heavily.

“Then you don’t deserve to be the captain of the Veiled Duchess,” Caen states.


Aster of The Veiled Duchess

“You gave me a family. And while I love Caen, and James”—Aster blushes at the older boy’s name—“and even Mister Tero…Shea,” Aster continues, making her look at him, “you’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to a mom—”
“I’m not a mom—”
“And a sister,” Aster finishes, placing his hand on her shoulder, and Shea stops her argument and lets the claim be. 


Lady Venus of The Slippery Serpent

A pained smile graces V’s features. “But there are monsters just like in the myths of old. You’ve seen them, you’ve fought them. So doesn’t that mean the gods who created them could be real too?”

Shea shakes her head no. Because if there were such things, she would never leave the comfort of this room again; the world is full of dark and formidable monsters. Every voyage brings them closer to an unimaginable end. If there really were immortal creatures out there, there’d be no point in trying because how do you best a god?


James of The Veiled Duchess

Shea looks up and sees James raising his hand.
“Do we get to keep any of the jewelry we steal?”
“Absolutely not!” Rhea screeches, glaring at the young man.
“I would.” Catherine winks. 


Countess Thetis of Lycos

“When you’re claimed by Triton”—Thetis’s voice breaks slightly, but she seems to catch herself and continues—“you have to claim your conch shell. You learn to manipulate water through sound. But in order to get your shell, you have to travel to the white cliffs of Achelous, the crying god cliffs.”
“Sirens,” Shea whispers.
“Yes.” Thetis laughs in approval but the sound is chilling. “They’re children of Triton. You have to convince one to give you a shell without it killing you. I met one, but I made a mistake. Instead of her killing me, however, she saw something in me,” Thetis says with irony, as if that last statement is an inside joke. “She taught me how to access my own magic. And once I learned how to manipulate water through the shell, I learned to manipulate people.”


Empress Ceto of Lycos

She’s spared no expense to intimidate; her obsidian hair is pulled back and braided around her head before falling in ringlets down her back. The crown upon her head is made of jagged black diamond and rough rubies that look as if a mere touch would slice anyone’s palm open.
Ceto leans forward under the red light casting a warm glow to her brown skin, and the gold tendrils painted up and down her bare arms look less delicate and more like war paint.


Captain Paetre Lara of The Veiled Duchess

“A test, Paetre handed me a dagger I still have to this day and asked me to be his first mate. And then he gave me his name. From that day on I was Shea Lara. He trained me to eventually become Captain.”
Jo allows the entirety of the information settle in, committing each detail to memory.
“He must have loved you,” Jo whispers softly.
“Yes,” Shea breathes with a light smile, “I suppose he did.”


Captain Phoebus of Orena

“She likes her,” Dari assumes and Caen laughs, Dari has al-ways been so damn perceptive.
“Likes who?” Phoebus asks, but they ignore him.
“Bring her here, all of them. I’ll make dinner,” Dari states, smoothing out her dress.
“Dari, I don’t think Shea would like that,” Caen murmurs setting his glass back on the shelf.
“She doesn’t have to, my daughter needs me,” Dari replies simply, “Bring me the girl.”
Caen still seems reluctant, and finally, Phoebus catches up.
“The princess?” Phoebus exclaims.
“Caen,” Dari repeats, “You know where they’ll be, she’ll be safe here. It’s now or this deal could change who Shea really is.”
Caen agrees and so he nods.
“Will somebody please explain what is happening?” Phoebus yells.


Dari of Orena

“I know you didn’t mean it,” Dari says, her breathing is heavy from running after her but she walks closer until she’s right behind Shea.
She doesn’t want to turn around but at Dari’s pushing she does and she sees Phoebus standing beside her.
“You’re my daughter, and I know you’re hurt. And you are enough for me,” Dari tells her and then holds out her one arm.
Shea gasps; her chest tightening, and her eyes start to glisten. She’s so afraid she might fall as she drops her clothes to the floor and stumbles into Dari’s arm, hugging her like she’s the only thing keeping Shea from floating away.


Lady Rhea & Lady Gaea of Arethusa

“Rhea?”  The old albino woman in the dark navy velvet dress turns to her, stepping closer to the Princess.
“The woman coming down the stairs? Who is she?” Jo asks.
“She’s an elf,” Rhea remarks looking at the redhead with veiled disgust. Jo frowns but lets the comment go if only to get a straight answer from her chaperone.
“She’s beautiful. What do you know about her?”
“I’ve heard rumors of an Anavella but I didn’t realize she was so young.”
It’s Gaia who speaks instead, Jo’s other chaperone and Rhea’s wife, in the light blue dress. They’ve been Joana’s handlers ever since her mother died, hired under her grandmother who thought it prudent to see what a strong marriage can do.


Prince Consort Mariner of Arethusa

“My father is a distant man, it became worse after my mother died. He has trouble expressing himself. My grandmother wasn’t particularly warm either even before. Plus Gran was constantly in meetings and overseas. But I had Rhea and Gaia, they were the ladies who stood with me when we met.”


Queen Triteia of Arethusa

Even as a young child I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories and sharing them with much larger audiences. As a professional storyteller, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways.


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