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The Color Green

Hey Sailors, I'm back! I know I keep going away, I'm going to try to stop doing that, but I've been trying to put all of my focus into editing the FINAL DRAFT of The Veiled Threat! I got my first draft of the paerback copy and it's just so exciting.

But that doesn't mean I want forget about my blog, I even dusted off this short story I wrote forever ago and will be posting it shortly after this!

So recently I met with an artist for them to draw my main character Shea Lara and as I was describing her, we got to her eyes and I of course tell them she has green eyes. And they ask like mine? And I go no, a little brighter, less human.

No big deal. Well I dusted off this old short story featuring a young woman by the name of Aine and I get to her description and it doesn't really connect but she also has the same bright green eyes.

A while back I was looking through old journals that held pieces of fanfiction and OC writing and every character that I've created as my main protagonist has green eyes. I think it's my little way of integrating myself into the characters because as I said before every character in my books has a piece of me in them or are exaggerated versions of myself.

But really my eyes I've always placed into my protagonists, my main protagonists and maybe that's because I wish I could see through their eyes and through my writing I'm able to do that. Reading The Veiled Threat for the final product has made me appreciate my talent for storytelling.

I've always loved my eyes. I've always struggled with my body image but eyes? They don't change, they stay beautiful regardless of the weight you gain or lose.

When I was younger I had an imaginary character who I would play pretend of the name Kiera Petrelli, I was nine when I came up with her obessed with the shows Smallville and Heroes and she was this human looking alien who fell to earth with many siblings all of us being separated at impact, picked up by the Heroes "petrelli" family and she of course was this muscular badass with gorgeous black hair and bright green eyes.

We couldn't have looked more different but I was still her because we had the same eyes. I love my eye color, I love how they can brighten and darken depending on what I wear and I express alot of my emotions through my eyes. It's something that makes me happy to be me.

I know kind of a sappy post but I wanted to get into the habit again and it's a little bit of a get to know me more.

Until Next Time xx

All the disney villains always had green eyes so when Rapunzel came out she quickly became one of my Favorites.

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