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I Missed.

Hey Sailors,

I know! I missed a day, and it's totally my bad. I started writing chapter one for Book two yeasterday, The Veiled Descendants, and I honestly forgot how long it takes to write a first draft. Like I've been editing so long. And so an hour passed, and then two and I'm like I'm almost done right?

I'd written like maybe two pages of the chapter, an hour a page... maybe... anyway, I finished it! And sent it on to my editor and by the time I finished it was, like, 8:30 pm.

And I sat there and I knew I could post, I definitely had a least two hours to do it and I just couldn't. I got lazy. Instead I grabbed a thing of top ramen and turned on Moulin Rouge because I'm tragic (which my best friend Eliza points out often) and yeah.

But I had set a goal for myself, post everyday and I felt disappointed. I knew I should do the post but I could not get over this "I just want to relax!" feeling. Does anybody ever get that? Like I know everyone gets lazy but for "my work is my life" people, do you ever have a moment after finishing a project and you know you've got two more on your plate to do and you're just like I can't.

Cause I get that sometimes and it makes me worried but at the same time maybe it's my brain saying girl you earned a break take it before we smash our head into a wall from all the stress.

Like I finished a ten page chaper yesterday.

That's my job, and by the time I finished I'd worked what you'd call a five hour shift with no breaks, no meal breaks, and I sat there after thinking I've got to post on my blog, I have to do it!

And I couldn't get my fingers to work, I couldn't get my brain to operate and so I stopped, changed into my pjs and watched a movie.

It's not like I didn't want to write the posts, I'd even had the topics planned but I've been learning alot more about this working from home thing and I've realized you do kind of need a structured day or at least I do.

Because I know writers who can work literally all day, get everything done, they work in their pajamas and then they go to bed. And it works for them, they take the weekends off and I guess in a way that's their structured day.

But for me? I think I need to get up at a reasonable hour, I need to get ready for my day and change into real clothes and then go to work. Take breaks at reasonable hours, and I think it helps me to keep going.

So I do have a confession. I have an office, I felt very strongly about particularly having a desk and my wonderful husband built me one. I never write at it.

I can get dressed, I can have my notes but I can't sit at a desk and write. It's the weirdest thing, I'm not even joking I'm sitting on my couch right now, typing in the weirdest and what probably isn't the most comfortable position and yet it works.

It just makes me laugh because I've never met an artist , and by artist I mean writer, poet, painter, sculptor who doesn't have a thing. Like for me it's finding the right perch, like somedays I could sit on my bathroom floor or write outside on a park bench or sit cross legged on my bed, it doesn't matter it's just very hard to sit at a desk and write. And often I move at least three times a day from the bed to the floor to the couch to the outside concrete whatever it's just how everything flows for me. It's my artist quirk I guess.

ANYWHO! I'm sorry I missed a day, I'm going to try not to again cause I'm really like this dear diary thing.

Comment below with what you're weird working quirk is, I'd be sincerely interested to know I'm not the only one and if I am, well... that'd be okay too.

Until Next Time xx

Let Me Know Below What You Think Your Quirk Is!

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