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I'm Back!

Hey guys sorry for the delay, my allergies got the best of me, well and the worst and basically made it impossible for me to do anything. So I know I'm behind but I'm much better and just in time for my vacation. My working vacation, this will be my first trip where I actually have to set aside at least a couple hours each day for my blog posts and writing, and I'm kind of excited. So for the first part of my trip I'm actually heading off to San Jose for my husband and best friend's event that they love going to, Fanime.

Basically its a convention at the SJ convention center and a couple of the hotels around that focus on Anime as well as some animation, thank god because Disney really is about the extent of my cartoon expereince.

I love the Miyazaki films: Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and many more lovable films. But I've had a mix review from many on whether that counts as Anime.

I go for the cosplays and sometimes I can find vendors in the shopping bits that sell overall fandom stuff like GoT, HP, and even LOTR. Yeah I thought we already established I'm a nerd?

Anyways once we're done there my husband heads home with our other friends and my girl Jewell and I head down to... DISNEYLAND.

It's my favorite place in the world in case you didn't see the ariel gifs. Disney was a huge part of my childhood and eventually a huge part of who I am. They were epics of storytellers and then seeing Disneyland in person it felt as if the writers got their own themepark. That what they wrote actually entered the world and started walking around. It was my dream to be a Disney Imagineer as a teen, but unfortunately my tastes ran a little darker and I could never find the right energy that balanced between kids and adults that Disney is so good at creating.

I started going back to Disneyland as an adult when I was 19, I hadn't been since I was 8, my mom wasn't really a fan and my dad had trouble getting the time off. When he did, my parents prefered a cabin in the woods somewhere.

And to this day that's my definition of camping. My husband complains that's not camping, personally I think his version sounds like survival training. I don't do tents.

My friend and I went, and I fell in love again. And then I discovered Disneybounding which I did for my bachelorette. The whole experience just became amazing, and now I drag new friends and old friends and my husband all the time. Star Wars Land comes out next week and unfortunately we didn't get advanced tickets so we'll have to wait but it's just exciting.

I have pins, I have ears, I have given in to the world of Disney.

And, it's fucking expensive. I love it don't get me wrong, but it is really hard to afford, to continue affording. We make cuts where we can, no lunch everyday in the park, grab muffins from a local Vons for breakfast, dinner from the carts rather than the restaurants, and we stay at the Motel 6 by the maingate. Easy to walk, though kind of freaky at night, but we strong women we got this.

But now after all these cuts where we can it's kind of become our own little traditions, Disney music sung in the car all the way down (but not on the way back), complaing our feet hurt on the way back to the motel at 11pm at night, finding the best gate to enter through if you can let it and not get overwhelmed and frustrated (which is difficult cause you paid alot of money) it can become part of the experience.

Anyways we have four days in Disney and I couldn't be more excited though I know trying to juggle vacation and work is going to be tough.

I think I just need a little break from the outside world so I'm going to enter completely into the world of Fantasy this weekend!

I think so relaxing is in order.. Comment below on what your favorite Disney ride is!

Disney Vacation! I will be keeping up on my Posts, I promise :)

Until Next time xx

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