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Getting Into The Habit

Updated: May 25, 2019

Hey Sailors! So for my personal blog, I've decided to treat this more like a Dear Diary. Try to write in it everyday, doesn't matter it's length, just try to get what I'm feeling out there.

So lets try it out!

Dear Sailors,

Well, today I'm feeling my allergies. They are bad this year it's ridiculous! I honestly was concerned my head might explode. It's like being sick without the benefit of making your husband sick so he's miserable with you. People tell me you can grow out of it, but all of those people who say they're cured are busy wiping their watery eyes and blowing their noses so I'm skeptical.

I had a slight setback. A couple nights ago I was working on the Which Character Are You Quiz for the Entertainment section of the site, and buzzfeed deleted it all.

I guess for some reason it wasn't saving and now poof, just gone.

Needless to say I was crushed. My husband walks in to my office to hear me cursing well, like a sailor. He's asking what's wrong , and then he says the magic words, "Calm Down."

I don't know what it is about that phrase but it irks me so much. Calm down. And he meant nothing by it , he was just trying to soothe me. Needless to say it did the opposite effect.

As a writer I think it's the worst thing that can happen refining your work and then having it deleted once you've made it perfect there's no other phrase, it just sucks. So no dear I will not calm down!

So I've started rewriting the answer descriptions and it's going well except last bit of spite from Mercury probably in Retrograde, My glasses broke! Luckily my new pair is coming in today but it was just my luck. And because of my allergies, my eyes are too puffy to put in my contacts so.. for today I'm blind and if you could see me... I'm laying bed with my laptop pushed to my nose just so I can see the screen. It's never easy, but at least it's always fun.

Sorry for the complaining but I did warn you in the intro post.

I love my job because this is, this is my job and it's very cool. I get to imagine make believe and then share it with everyone. I just forgot when you write an entire book that no publisher will publish because of format you have to become your own publisher. But that's every job I suppose you take the bad with the good if you really love it. My family has weekly sunday dinners and I was speaking with my grandfather last night. By the way, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ALL YOU MOTHERS OUT THERE!

Anyways I was speaking to my grandfather, Papa, as he's known and we were talking about my fabulously successful cousins who I love and am very proud of if not a bit jealous. Well ym cousin is incredible, she went to college, got it done in the normal time frame unlike moi who's accumulated enough hours to get two AA's because of my indecisiveness, and then she went to work in a field completely different from her BS.

And I think it's wonderful but then I also think it's crazy because my dad is a huge supporter of college education and I am too because in the end hey more money unless you're writer but that's another argument. But I thought about it and she is making a ton in a field that she got into because she has a BS but it has nothing to do with what she went to school for. She wasn't taught any of it. She's learning on the job but she has access to it because she has a college degree in well anything.

It blows my mind at how many people than who are fast learners are rejected because they don't have a degree and yet people who do have degrees can work in these lucrative fields without the same education the people without degrees don't have either. Did that make sense? I don't know.

But back on topic! She loves it. She went through so many opportunities like myself and the thing she loves is where she went, Fuck it. I'm doing what I want. Because I don't give a damn about how much money you make, if you hate what you're doing you're wasting life rather than getting paid crumbs for what you love. Not that money isn't nice I'd be hypocrite if I said I'd take my writing career over winning the lottery but I love what I do and for now that's enough. So even during the setbacks, I'm going to keep working.

My dad told me, you're writing the second one? Don't you want to wait and see if the first one is succesful. No. Absolutely not. You don't quit after one book because it might be sequel that makes the series popular or maybe it becomes a cult classic there's a world of possibilities. So I'm not quitting, I'm working hard and I love it and even if I don't sell one copy. Writing is part of me. And it makes me happy. So this is me getting in the habit.

Thanks for listening guys, until tomorrow.

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Shouldn't Take Too Long. Right?

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