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Finding The Voice

Hey Sailors!

So I recently started writing the sequel to The Veiled Threat and released the title for it on the website, The Veiled Descendants but in the sequel I introduce a few new main characters and in particular a young man by the name of Beck who is the son of The Governor of Oceanus.

I love his character, his look, everything about him, I had only come up with one problem. I couldn't find his voice. The first time I wrote him it was like he was Shea's copy, the second time the spitting words of Joana, and it just wasn't happening. At this point I'd written the prologue for TVD and he's the first chapter in the book. I thought what happens if I can't find his voice.

So guys I'm going to be completely honest with how I found his voice. I gave myself a scenario, the death of his mother, his first kiss, his first fight.. I just thought about his reactions and then I didn't write them out. I very embarrasingly improv-ed (Improvved?) the reactions in my office of how he would react.

So I was a theater nerd during my high school days and my junior high days, my first play was in fourth grade (I played Grace and the Orphan Duffy from Annie, it was phenomenal. I wish my mother had known how to operate a video camera). I loved acting and I didn't have stage fright until about thirteen and then as much as I loved performing I just couldn't do it anymore, I'd get so sick. But I never stopped loving to play pretend.

I'd dance and sing to songs in my room pretending to be my favorite characters acting out what I thought they'd be feeling if they were singing these songs. Dean Winchester -Because of You (Kelly Clarkson), Harry Potter - No Good Deed (Wicked), and the list probably goes on. And when I started writing I started doing it with my own characters and then I started thinking of scenarios and I'd put the recorder on, on my phone, and I'd improv and there wasn't someone watching so I didn't feel afraid and sometimes it's where I'd get my best dialogue.

So for Beck that's what I did and guys I'm happy to say I found his voice! I really think you're all going to love him.

As for TVT I am finishing edits with my lovely editor and the pre-order for Kindle will be available June 1st and paperback and kindle will officially release September 1st, 2019.

Comment below on which character you're most excited to read in The Veiled Threat!

Thank you Beck, for helping me find your voice!!

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