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Dream TV: Starring ME!

I'm a dreamer, both figuratively and literally. I dream about my future, my future kids, my future house, my hopefully future success as an author. But I also am an avid night dreamer who can remember her dreams come morning and let me tell you... They're fucked up. Like I'm constantly being shot at, drowned, dropped off tall buildings, out of planes, generbended, sexed, and face down horrifying creatures of my subconcious's creation on a nightly basis.

And I kind of love it. It's like my own personal television show starring me. But it can be intense. I've woken my poor husband up on more than one night screaming, yelling. Part of me wonders if I have such vivid dreams because of my occupation but I've always had a big imagination.

I started a dream journal when I was about thirteen writing down some of my favorite dreams as story ideas.

-Retirement home for witches and wizards and me a muggle accidentally gets hired and thrust into the world of magic..

-Boarding School Nurse for Magical Creatures where my best friend is the mermaid swim health instuctor who lives in a pond outback that connects to the freshwater pool through underground tunnels inside the campus...

-Zombie Apocalypse

-Sphinx head in a sandpit that controls my twin brother and I's lives (courtesy note: I have sister, no brothers.)

-Dreams where I'm a guy. (It's quite often.)

And so on... Sometimes I can wake up in the morning and go back to dreaming the same dream if I stay in bed. Comment below if you can do that too. Other times I can try to go back to sleep and end up in a whole new dream! I've always felt proud of my imagination though it can get a little dark sometimes.

Dreaming itself has always been an interesting topic for me, when I was younger my mom could listen to my dreams and point out that a certain facet of the dream was actually a symbol symbolizing something happening in my life.

In fact I became so into it I actually wrote a story about it called Soulscape where a young woman is in a car accident with her mother and while her mother passes away, the young lady falls into a coma and becomes trapped in the world's subconscious known as Soulscape. When we dream we all go to Soulscape and when we die our energy becomes apart of this dreamscape.

It was a fascinating story I even got so far as writing a pilot episode for what I thought would have made a great youtube series.

Dream interpretation isn't a new process it's defined on wikipedia as the "assigning of meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be interpreted by people with these associated spiritual powers."

When I'd dream of lost cities, and romantic love stories I wondered if it could be past lives or old souls I'd known lifetimes before.

Of course than I'd have the occasional showing up naked to class and I had less belief in its connection to a supernatural phenomenon. Still dreaming has always been something I've enjoyed and been fascinated by.

Do you remember your dreams? Can you remember a favorite dream you've had?

Until Next Time xx

Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorite stories as a kid I always wished I could find my own Wonderland someday.

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