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Beware The Forest (The Veiled Descendants Original Lullaby)

The Fae Queendom

Beware the forest.

The darkening leaves,

The eyes that watch from the trees.

Beware the forest,

The winding trails,

The never-ending roads,

Forgotten tales.

Forget the babbling brooks,

And weeping trees

A false calm giving you ease,

Beware the forest.

The howling winds full of whispers,

And mischievous grins

Into the woods,

Beyond the edge,

The fae rings hide beneath the forest bed.

Beware the Forest

Past the mushroom rings,

The Circle is broken,

You’ve no voice left to sing

You’ve stepped inside,

the magic isle,

The Forest is unkind,

To children who never listen.

Beware the forest

The hunt’s begun,

The horses’ ride,

The sound like drums

They seek dangerous Game

They love the chase.

They’ll hunt you down

To your disgrace.

So beware the forest

Dear little one,

Beware the Forest,

And if you must, Run.

Break away from the branches,

And back to the Sun

Back into the light

Past the Woodland’s sight,

And never look back,

From where you’ve come

Beware the Forest dear little one.

This is actually a lullaby that will be going into the second book of The Veiled Duchess Series sung by Captain Shea Lara during the events of The Veiled Descendants. The term for elves with magic who have turned from a path of light and chose to practice forbidden or underdeep magic are called Fae. They're the boogeymen to the children of Erebos and some who were not either cast out of the boundary or back into the Underdeep are said to hide in the Forest waiting for young children to wonder from the capital or their clan villages so that they can turn them into Fae as well.

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Beware The Forest Dear Little One

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