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Back to the Reality

Hey Sailors,

So I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm married to my amazing husband James, well I don't think I ever mentioned how long we've been married.

Three and a half weeks - 23 days.

We got Married April 21st, 2019. It was a wedding on Easter though it was not an Easter wedding. I grew up Catholic but I grew apart from that faith and my husband isn't religious. We just happened to have been stuck with that date.

So here's what happened. We found the perfect venue, The Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, CA. Beautiful, on the water, and everything we'd been looking for. So we go in to book it, and they ask us what month and we say April because that's our normal anniversary. Anyways they tell us that the only Sunday they have available is April 21st.

Now I know what you're thinking, but we book the venue like a year in advance and considering neither of us are very religious we completely forgot that Easter is in April. Not to mention we figured the venue would be like oh and also that's Easter.

They didn't and we booked it.

Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, CA

I go to see my mom and tell her about the date and venue. And she goes that's awesome so is that before or after Easter. And I'm like Easter?

And she's like yeah that's in April. And that's why they had it open.

My mom goes you have to change it. And my husband, fiance at the time, turned to me and we thought but maybe alot of people won't come because it's a holiday and we'll have a small wedding. We thought we were brilliant, this was also not the case.

We are very loved, unfortunately.

We had a wonderful wedding, absolutely beauitful, it was an evening wedding so we turned it into a formal affair with gorgeous gowns and red carpet looks. We wanted everyone to feel like a movie star. I'm a fantasy writer so of course I had an over the top Tangled Themed, Red Carpet wedding. Of course people don't listen and some showed up in jeans. They know who they are and will be remembered!

My only regret, find a really good Hair and Makeup artist in advance. My people did amazing, they were recommended through a bridesmaid. Nicest people, loved them. They made me an hour late for my wedding. It worked out, I looked great, and the time frame adjusted itself. Needless to say though I wouldn't recommend them to anyone else.

But other than that, it was a party to remember ending the giant event with the finale song from The Greatest Showman - From Now On.

We left the next day for our Honeymoon in Kauai which was gorgeous, my absolute favorite island. And now we're back and the wedding that took up a year and a half of our lives is over. It's a little surreal.

I constantly feel like I have things to do and I do, with the book release coming up, the launch of this blog and website, I'm always constantly working.

But it's different than the dress fittings, and the cake tastings (we didn't have a cake, we did crepes but we still had to try the cake lol) and all the wedding details. It took up so much time, lasted one night, and it was amazing. And I'm so glad it's over.

Like I'm so happy to be married. I can't tell you how awesome it is to finish the whole event and then get to be again. Just be with the man you fell in love with because you realize you two weren't relly together during the engagement and when you were it was contantly a show, the engagement party, the rehearsals, the repeating over and over how he proposed twice.

I said no the first time. And then so how'd he get you to yes?

Wouldn't they like to know.

So now we're us again. And it's fucking great. Everyone asks me how does it feel getting back to the grind of life?

It's amazing because the whole engagement is such a break from reality. You're constantly in the spotlight, there's constantly drama from all parties, the parents, the mothers, the bridesmaids, even the groomsmen (didn't think that was possible!).

And now we get to be Sophia and James, Mr. and Mrs. Menesini. Yes my husband took my last name. I mean you can't get more dreamy than that.

It feels amazing, we scream, we yell, we laugh, we cry over Grey's Anatomy and it's awesome. We finally get to focus on our careers without the pressure of everyone watching. Well sort of I tend to over share so a blog is a great idea.

But now we're settling with our two dogs and cat and it feels good.

And people are back to normal, some relationships strengthened while others not so much. A Wedding is huge. It affects not only the people getting married but their relationships with their friends and family. I mean I've never fought more with my mother than when I was getting married, and my friends, we all went through the motions with each other. There's so much stress involved it's insane. But in the end, it's your day and my advice if there's people in your life just not on board with what you want, push past them! Do not try and make them feel better because it's bullshit. They're supposed to be supporting you not you holding their hand through it all if their ideas didn't follow through.

But even then when you've got good people, you find a way through the drama and hell yeah we did. My bridemaids sang to me the most epic disney rewrite medley.

I have never felt more loved by the people I consider family than that night.

And now it's over, and it's the beginning of such a big adventure.

I've added Mrs. to my title and now I'm working on adding Author.

I don't know if any young brides will ever read this but just so you know I'm 22 years old. My husband is 23.

Don't let anyone discourage you from being with the person you love. If you feel in your heart that this is the person you're meant to be with for the rest of your life do it, oh and take my advice elope! I'm not joking, I will never forget my wedding but if I could do it over again I'd taken my husband to scotland and married him there. We heard so many jokes at our expense- is she pregnant? Don't you want to date a little more? You're just a baby!

And yet people ten years older than us are getting married and divorced a year later anyway... Yeah sounds like age really has something to do with this whole marriage business.

So here's my reality, I'm a twenty two year old woman, married to my best friend, I'm finishing my AA's in English and History, and self publishing a 500 page book. I gotta say I love where my life is going..

Until Next Time xx

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