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Updated: May 9, 2019

Hey everyone, my name is Sophia Menesini, and this is my personal blog. This is where I will be venting all of my frustrations, hopes, and odd comments as an indie writer for, well, the foreseeable future.

A little about myself, I genuinely am the young- young adult author I'm trying to be. I'm twenty-two years old, though I still feel eighteen and I'm still as unsure of what I'm supposed to be and do with my life as I was then. This blog is part of that I guess. Maybe you all will help me figure out when I actually hit the "When I grow up" part. Because I'll be real, I certainly don't feel like a grown up yet.

I'm married to my wonderful Husband James. I know, you'd think that's as grown up as you can get being married, but honestly, we're just two kids who fell in love and decided, fuck it, let's spend the rest of our lives fucking up together.

He's definitely more put together than I am, he's a health major. Works in a doctors office, and yes those scrubs are definitely all they're cracked up to be. He's my own personal Dr. McDreamy in the same obnoxious "I want to help the world" kind of sort of thing and me? I'm that asshole who'd steal the last cookie on the tray at a party and gloat about it.

We have two children- sorry correction, dog children. Please, I'm that asshole who steals the cookie remember? I'm not exactly ready for kids just yet. Right now we're just enjoying being DINKS, as one of my best friends call it, Double Income No Kids Adults. Well Maybe I should say one income I mean I am a writer after all.

Back to our children, of course as far as dogs go, we picked the two most like human beings. Two chihuahuas by the name of Ziggy and Zeppelin. We're getting a puppy in December, and her name will be Cher, yes we're that weird.

But this is what's happening now.

How all of this started was last year. At the beginning of summer, when I sort of had a mental breakdown, dropped all my college classes, and collapsed into a sad whirlpool of chocolate, too much tv, and fear.

Fear because I decided at that moment, I HATED being an English major, and I'd just spent the last three years studying to become one.

I had just wasted three years of my education or at least that's what I was thinking.

I dropped school entirely, even quit my job as a teaching aid at a local preschool.

I made a list. The list where you write down all the jobs you wanted to be as a child and go through each and everyone to figure out why you can't do them.

Princess? Pretty much every prince out there is married, old, below the age of 13 and have guards surrounding them at all times which makes them slightly unobtainable. Not to mention I was in a serious relationship! That part was the number one reason of course.

Astronaut? I get motion sickness. Enough said.

Doctor? Math, Science, and honestly I'd rather play one on tv.

Actress? Stage fright.

I figured I was doomed. And then?

It's tragic really the whole start to this insane journey of publishing a book on my own (sort of- I found an incredible editor in one of my best friends) and kickstarting a writing career that honestly might not go anywhere.

My best friend, Jewell, was dating this bizarre guy at the time (don't worry they've broken up since then so I can call him that) and because of him, she got really into the old game of Dungeons and Dragons. That's right DnD, and they'd do it every Friday night. And this time she had invited me.

So, of course, I said no. Absolutely not, I mean I was nerdy in high school, but every piece of information I knew about DnD told me it was a whole new level of geekery. But I love her, so I eventually caved and went.

At first, I felt awkward, weird even. I hadn't acted in years, and now I was expected to put on an improv show. My friend was so excited I made it, and she handed me what they call a character page. She goes you can be whoever you want to be, and I looked at her mildly interested now.



So I sat down, and I started writing. I started writing about a young elf, a young woman facing the world alone. Taking on the unknown and fighting against what everyone else said was impossible for her. Falling in love with the most unlikely of people. And at that moment I thought maybe, just maybe there was something to this Dungeons and Dragons thing after all.

I got to work. I was fascinated with the concept of this young woman - no captain, I had created, and now I had to make her a world that she could conquer.

That's how Nereid was born.

About a month passed, and I had a world that I had created with countries, religions, coups, and wars. People who loved each other, and people who would see others dead if they could.

And then I wrote the chapter map for The Veiled Threat. Twenty chapters outlined on a whiteboard at home. And that's as far as I figured it would go.

Until I started talking to my best friend would be editor Eliza. She grew up with a writer, and after talking about what I had, she told me, "I think you've got it."

And it was enough.

I started writing, and I couldn't stop. I fell in love with my characters and this incredible world. And then I finished it.

Except apparently, I hadn't written it correctly. My friend read a few chapters and came back to me. She goes I love it, you just have one problem.

What's that?

You have to rewrite it.

Wait, what? I wanted to laugh in her face, I had gone into editing and editing and more editing and finally had produced readable pages, and I needed to rewrite my entire 325-page book?

According to my friend, yes. Because I'd written my entire book in Third Person - Present Tense.

And no publishing company would publish me because that's just not how it's done. It's third person, past tense.

I felt my hopes fall, everything in my life shifted. I'd done all this work, and now no one would ever read it. So I went back to the drawing board, and I rewrote 1 page.

And I said FUCK THAT.

So it's not typically done, I asked my friend did you like it? Could you understand it and she responded with I love it and yes.

That was enough for me. And so now here I am. 22 years old, recently married, working on second AA, and self-publishing my first book.

It's insane. There's never enough time in the day, I continuously have deadlines and due dates and to be real? It's the most exciting time of my life. I'm so excited and so proud of the work I have done, and yes, everything is hard and new, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Last year I thought that I was failing at adulting and now I feel like I've found my own individual path. This is my journey into adulting, welcome to the ride Sailors.

The Veiled Threat is available for Pre-Order on Amazon starting June 1st and releases September 1st, 2019.

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