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When I first started writing professionally last year it wasn't professional at all. I was simply a struggling author with a story to tell and no idea of where this was going to go. I would have never guessed that I’d be sitting here having completed one, let alone working out an entire six book series. Working on The Veiled Threat has led to some incredibly challenging yet fabulously rewarding experiences. Check out some of my featured titles below including my feature novel and some small publications on the side.

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The Veiled Threat is the first novel in The Veiled Duchess Series. A story about a young elven woman whose world seems to be changing when she's met with an outlandish opportunity that might just bring her everything she's worked for. A fantastical tale of Pirates, Gods, and Epic Love. Come along for the adventure in The Veiled Threat, as you join the pirate crew of the Veiled Duchess and follow Captain Shea Lara through court intrigue, an unlikely romance, an elven rebellion, and challenge villains whose masks conceal them till the very end.

Rocky Coast

Captain Shea Lara is back in the sequel to The Veiled Threat, The Veiled Descendants. It's been a year since she struck the deal — a year since she promised to marry her princess, a princess who is now queen. Queen Joana and her Arethusian navy have chased her across the Nereidan seas. Along with a bounty hunter hired by the Empress of Lycos. But a more significant threat has entered Nereid. An elven high priest with a blood connection to Shea, who plans to take Nereid back from the humans.
With the help of a young Oceanan Governor, the Queen of Arethusa, her pirate crew, and her biological father Poseidon, God of the Sea, Shea will set out to find the one being who can help prevent Perses, her mortal half brother, from destroying everything she holds dear. A being, a god in fact, who just so happens to be her other brother, Triton.
Shea chose the family she has now, but the tide is changing, and choice may no longer be an option. He's coming, and he plans to drag her down with him.