The World of Nereid

The World of Neried Awaits

It started with a character. And then a whole world bloomed. A small island continent in the middle of an unknown ocean. With four individual countries with cultures, politics, and religions of their own. Not only are the cultures diverse, but the people are as vast as the continent: Royals, Imperials, Elves, Pirates, people of every color, size, and magical races. Find yourself within the World of Nereid.


The Field Guide to the World of Nereid

Your Adventure in Nereid Awaits



Discover exclusive hisotries on the countries of Nereid. Details newly revealed about Arethusa, Lycos, Oceanus, and The Eastlands!

The Characters of Nereid

Backstories, Information, and other fun information about your favorite characters from The Veiled Duchess Series.

The Religions of Nereid

Every Country on Nereid has their own patron god they worship, it amazing the variationt hat can be found within one religion. This Page will detail more on each individual's country's patron and how their culture relates to The Old Religion practiced on nereid.

Nereid's Bestiary

Art and Information about the creatures, monsters, and magical races encountered in the world of The Veiled Duchess Series. Explore Nereid's Bestiary and discover the magic within!


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