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The Storyteller with Salt Water in her Veins

Welcome to my website! My name is Sophia Menesini and I'm the author of The Veiled Threat, the first book in The Veiled Duchess Series. I’m so appreciative and delighted by the positive responses my work has received, and I want to foster that connection.
I'm looking forward to sharing my future stories as they come to fruition, but in the meantime, please enjoy my website for more information on The Veiled Duchess Series, Fun Quizzes pertaining to the Series, some of my featured smaller publications, news about upcoming books, and more personal blog posts above! And if you have questions or comments please feel free to write them in just click on the Get In Touch button below.


About the Author

The Storyteller with Salt Water in Her Veins

Sophia Menesini lives in Martinez, CA with her husband, James, and their three dogs, Ziggy, Zeppelin, and Tali. She is the author of The Veiled Duchess Series including The Veiled Threat and The Veiled Descendants. Sophia is currently a History major at Diablo Valley College. She is also an avid tea connoisseur and lover of Scotland with an unconventional memory for obscure Disney and Broadway song lyrics.

The Veiled Threat eBook - 2560 x 1600 (A

The Veiled Threat

Love is a Dangerous Heist for a Pirate

Captain Shea Lara is the current leader of The Veiled Duchess. The most feared pirate ship in all of Neried. And now, after completing her former mentor's final score, she's retiring. Everything seems to be coming to an end... Until a mysterious stranger drags her back into the fold with an offer for a score she can't refuse. All she has to do is kidnap the crowned princess of the northern Queendom, Princess Joana
 of Arethusa. The prize is just within reach. But sparks fly as the two women collide. And an obscured threat that could upturn Shea's entire world storms on the horizon. She'll face it alone unless she can allow herself the support she needs from old and new allies alike. Something's coming and Shea is at the center of it.


Audiobook of The Veiled Threat

In Production!

I've just started the production of my first book's audiobook! I plan to do one for every novel in the series and I can't wait for you all to hear the finished project!


“You were supposed to be a monster,” Jo accuses, her voice cracking. “You said you were the villain.”
Shea offers a watery smile. “I still am, Your Highness.”
But Jo shakes her head, biting her bottom lip with enough force that it splits.
“No,” she growls softly, ”but I wish you still were one.”
Then she turns and starts to walk away.
“Jo!” Shea calls after her.
Jo stops, turning at the urgency in Shea’s voice.
“Just…Talk to Caen. Tell him…I’ve given you his quarters and in the meantime, tell him to come see me. I’ll assign him new sleeping arrangements.”
Jo nods and again turns away from Shea, but she calls out once more, stopping the princess in her tracks.
“And if you like, we tend to get a lot of injuries on board,” Shea continues; she takes a step toward Jo and Jo takes a step back. “Surprisingly a lot.”
Shea laughs nervously and forces herself to stay still. “Nol has been begging me for an assistant; perhaps while you’re here you’d like to help him out? It’s a place for you for now.”
And Shea doesn’t know what she expects—a fit, snarls at the idea of working during what may be her last days, more tears over Shea not changing her mind—but instead she gets a small broken smile and there’s a twinkle in Jo’s gaze.
“I’d love to.”
Jo’s blue eyes almost glow in the darkness, and Shea finally re-alizes why they’re so hypnotizing. They burn just like starlight.

The Veiled Threat